There are many great places like to stay in Cozumel.
Finding the right one can be fun, but it can take some time and energy. There are also some pitfalls to avoid, some contingencies to accept and some good friends to be made.


Think ahead! Decide what you want
AND what you don't want.
There are situations endemic to the island that you will need to just accept and go on; such as barking dogs, the sound of motos at all hours of the night; feistas that go on ALL NIGHT; street vendors that pass frequently yelling "Elote!" or "Hot tamales!" and the repetitive alarm of "Zeta! Zeta! Zeta Gas."

If you learn to love and accept these, your stay here will be much more enjoyable.

What you do not have to accept is poor service and unsafe living conditions. We hope you will find some clues on these pages that will help you.  For the most part, we will concentrate on LONG TERM RENTALS as that is what we know the most about.

that provide great service in a safe, healthy environment let you get a real taste of the island and often lead to permanent residency because guests fall in love with the island and its people. We hope you are fortunate enough be one of those or someone who gets to stay more than a week.
A good rental PROVIDER offers:
  • A clear and complete picture of what they provide
  • A clearly written contract
  • Receipts for your deposit
  • Safe and healthy housing
  • Security
  • A Clean environment
  • Safe drinking water
  • Absolute privacy

A good rental PROVIDER does NOT:
  • Deal in verbal agreements
  • Move you from one unit to another
  • Enter or allow others to enter your housing unit, without your permission
  • Allow junk and unnecessary items to accumulate in common areas
  • Provide faulty or dangerous equipment for your use
  • Rent a vehicle to you without a specific separate Rental Agreement and copy of their license to rent

In the future, we will also alert you to "NOT SO REPUTABLE" providers that can ruin your vacation and leave a bad impression of this beautiful island. Thankfully, there are only a few.

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Here's a sample of what you might find.



Well located Local, just a few steps from the main plaza (Parque Benito Juárez).

It has one bathroom and a small private area.
Clean, fresh and comfortable

$650 USD month 
or $8,000 Pesos meses

toll free from the U.S.

Ask for Cynthia


bird of paradise

Casa de Jardin de Secreto 
(house of the secret garden)
Remember your childhood fantasies as you relax in a luxurious, well appointed and immaculately clean
one bedroom unit attached to a private home.
This unit shares the owner's sparkling clean pool tucked inside a lush, thick, perfectly maintained garden of tropical orchids, ginger, birds of paradise and much more.
Reasonably priced, just blocks from the waterfront and close to everything you need for a great
home away from home.


We will soon be providing more details and contact information for this offering and many more.
Quick and Easy Hotels
         from which to launch your search

If you prefer to come to the island and search for a long term rental, it's quick and easy to stay at one of the great boutiique hotel sdowntown from which you can walk to a LOT of attractions. Then, you can contact a realtor who will show you their long term rentals.

These facilities are not luxurious, but they are clean, pleasant and efficient.

One popular spot, the Suties Bahai, is but one of MANY great places to stay while you find your long term rental.

Suites Bahai

Barracuda Hotel

On the water, inexpensive, great beach, right downtown



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